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*Our school day is 9:15-3pm, but all other times are intended as a sample, and may vary. 


Home Base Groups/Discipleship 9:15-9:55

Prayer, pledge, bible lesson with small group discussion, journaling, etc. (Chapel monthly)


Social Studies 10-10:45


Science 10:45-11:30

Instruction in unit studies, as well as time to work together on projects/experiments. Some units have a large project that students work on for several weeks to culminate in an all school event to showcase their work.

Lunch and Free Play 11:35-12:25


Arts/Active Elective 12:30-1:15

Choices such as: Art, Music, Theater, PE, LEGO Stem, Gardening, Photography, etc. (Options change year by year. Students 1st grade and up attend 2 per week.)


Academic Elective/Core Skill Enrichment 1:20-2:05

Intermediate students have an academic elective.

Elementary students work on enrichment in Math.


Study Hall/Core Skill Enrichment 2:10-2:40

Intermediate Students have a study hall block to work on assignments from home.

Elementary students work on enrichment in ELA.

Home Group Wrap Up

Guide directed time to reflect on their da, clean up, and participate in a peer encouragement time.


Dismissal at 3pm.

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