*Our school day is 9:15-3pm, but all other times are intended as a sample, and may vary. 


Home Base Groups/Discipleship 9:15-9:55

Prayer, pledge, bible lesson with small group discussion, journaling, etc. (Chapel monthly)


Social Studies 10-10:45


Science 10:45-11:30

Instruction in unit studies, as well as time to work together on projects/experiments. Some units have a large project that students work on for several weeks to culminate in an all school event to showcase their work.

Lunch and Free Play 11:35-12:25


Arts/Active Elective 12:30-1:15

Choices such as: Art, Music, Theater, PE, LEGO Stem, Gardening, Photography, etc. (Options change year by year. Students will get to attend 2 per week.)


Academic Elective/Core Skill Enrichment 1:20-2:05

Intermediate students have an academic elective.

Elementary students work on enrichment in Math and English skills.


Study Hall/Writing & Read alouds 2:10-2:40

Intermediate Students have a study hall block to work on assignments from home.

Elementary students have writing/literature/read aloud time.

Home Group Wrap Up

Guide directed time to reflect on their day, note things they still need to work on, and participate in a peer encouragement time.


Dismissal at 3pm.