Homeschool MODEL 

Behold is a drop off educational enrichment program, with small ratios that are broken into age and level groups. Our elementary school is ages 5-9, and our intermediate school is ages 9-13.


Our homeschool education model is considered eclectic.  We are biblically grounded and Charlotte Mason inspired, while also implementing some best practices from other admired learning models.



I am doing

a new thing..."



Our main focuses at Behold are biblical discipleship and student growth in critical thinking, leadership, and creativity.  We utilize discussion groups, hands on projects, and inquiry based curriculums to help students grow in the above skills, while also encouraging a love of learning and equipping them to become self motivated learners. Instruction at Behold is designed to complement students’ at-home learning experience, not completely replace it.



Social Studies

22/23' History Cycle: Ancient History (BiblioPlan)

Government Unit

Economics Unit

*For History we follow a 3 year cycle: Ancient, World, and US.


22/23' Science Cycle: Life (The Good and The Beautiful, and Various)

Units include: Molecules to Organisms, Ecosystems, Heredity, Human Body

*For Science we follow a 3 year cycle: Life, Physical, Earth & Space

Writing Skills

Level appropriate lessons and prompts sparked from the above subjects.


We do not offer formal teaching in math or english, so those are yours to do at home.

Our 9-13 year old learners have a study hall block where they can do core subject work assigned from home. 

Our 5-9 year old learners will have math and english enrichment time where our Guides prepare activities to compliment what they are learning at home in these core subject areas.


All students get to choose from a variety of arts and active enrichment electives such as: Art, Music, Theater, Spanish, Photography, PE, and other practical life skills. 

(Specific elective offerings change yearly, and will be released in early summer.)


For our intermediate school students (ages 9-13), they will also select an academic elective each semester. 

22/23' selections include: Geography Bee, Creative Writing, Spanish 2, and Brain Hacks (memorization, study & social skills using brain science).

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