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Answers to our most frequently asked questions…


2024-2025 Tuition

CORE ENGAGE M/W or T/H- $4,740

ENRICH Fri- $2,580

*We offer full pay discounts and have early enrollment incentives.


$40 Non-refundable application fee per family.

$150 Registration fee per student

$120 Supply fee per student, per program

(for portfolios, project/experiment supplies, etc.)

Due July 1


Any needed curriculum is to be purchased by parents

and there may be additional small supply fees

for specific elective choices.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes! Our sibling discount is 10% off tuition for the 3rd child and beyond.

What is the facility like?

Our space is a 2 story commercial/retail space with lots of natural light, and includes:  

-large open learning spaces on each level.

-Small group/workshop classrooms

-A large glass roll up garage door that leads to the outdoor space, so kids can enjoy plenty of fresh air and sunlight

-Outdoor tented picnic table area for eating lunch and projecting outside

-A large outdoor blacktop and grass field (with a wonderful deck), where kids can run and play!


What are the requirements for your guides (teachers)?

We currently hire Guides that have either a teaching credential, a specialized degree, or extensive professional experience in their subject of speciality, plus teaching experience.  All staff and volunteers on campus are background checked, fingerprinted, and referenced.


What does parent partnership look like?


You are the primary educator of your child, selecting core subject curriculums, pacing, evaluating progress, and submitting grades.  Behold is here to partner with you to enhance, challenge, and encourage your homeschooling journey through academic enrichment and character and leadership opportunities.  

Behold is a “best fit” for families that homeschool as a lifestyle and take full ownership of their child(ren)s educational progress. It is also best for students that show initiative, self motivation, ability to participate in a classroom setting, interest in learning new things, and a desire to learn through discussion and experiences/projects.



We are a community model homeschool enrichment center, meaning we desire to utilize the skills, gifts, and passions of each, to contribute to the thriving of the whole!  

Parents are required to contribute approx 3 hours every month, and are welcome to give more time if they desire.  This could be: on campus hours as a floater/lunch/project helper, guiding an elective, or holding a position on our BPO (Behold Parent Organization) such as a(n): Explore Group Coordinator, Room Parent, Social Media Coordinator, Chapel Coordinator, Hospitality Leader, etc.  

(All parents will be assigned on campus hours, unless they already contribute in another position.)


Homeschool Registration

We are not an Umbrella School and you are free to record with the state however you wish, but we have 1 recommended Umbrella School for middle schoolers, so that they can potentially play on sports teams together.


Do you have a drop off line? 

Yes! You can stay in you pj’s and sip your coffee. :)


Illness Guidelines

We have a “community commitment” that every family signs, agreeing that you are responsible for your child/family’s health, and if your child is ill/has symptoms of a contagious illness, that you will keep them home and inform us in a timely manner.  We will adhere to standard protocols like frequent hand washing, cleaning high touch surfaces often, etc.


Why is the school named BEHOLD?

Behold- v: To fix the eyes upon; to see with attention; to observe something with great care; to direct or fix the mind on.


In the bible, when this word comes at the beginning of a sentence, it is an exclamation, like a flashing red light to slow down and pay close attention, because something important, worth considering/pondering, and being in awe of is about to follow.


This is the posture we desire kids to approach learning with… to explore God’s creation with attention and wonder; to pause, ponder, and respect new subjects of study; and to observe and experience what life in a biblical mentorship community is like.



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