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Children are inherently curious, capable, and passionate learners waiting for opportunities to test their limits and shine in their God given gifts!  


At Behold we will give students the space to shine by…

-Encouraging curiosity, creativity, courage, and critical thinking; and

-Empowering kids to take ownership of their growth.


Guides offer their skills, experiences, and passions in a way that doesn’t just “teach at” kids for simple test based memorization’s sake, but that invites them into the learning process through group discovery and discussion, leading them toward academic growth, creative application, and character & life skill development.

Our guides truly come alongside the kids and serve them as teachers, coaches, and mentors.


Behold students will: 



to take ownership of their learning, equipped with the tools to manage weekly goals and progress.  They will also implement the Socratic method to question, discuss, and refine critical thinking skills through their group interactions.



what they are learning through a variety of individual and team projects and entrepreneurial/real-world experiences. 



responsible citizens, aware of the world around them, and appreciative of their place in the greater context of biblical and world history.  Additionally, they will explore who they were created to be, as they discover their unique gifts, and learn how to utilize them to impact the world around them.


All in a Christ centered, developmentally attuned, community focused environment.

To learn more about our programs click HERE.

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